Top Frame: 4' x 13'

Pool Site: 6' x 15'

Pool Height: 36"

Water Depth: 30"

Gallons: 975

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Product Includes:

Poly-Reinforced Material,

Easy-to-Assemble Frame, and

a Ready-for-Fun Design.

Need it smaller? Free Customization

(only down in size and/or depth)

$1300.00 USD

The 4'x 13' "Great Dane" RuffPool

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Product Includes:

Cleanable Polyester Filter Element,

Adjustable Timer,

an Easy-to-Attach Design,

Runs on Standard 110v, and

VGB Compliant Suction Cap.

$200.00 USD

The RuffPool Pump and Filter Package

Product Includes:

Durable Cleanable Material,

Excellent for Dog Hair, and

an Lasting Design.

$30.00 USD

The RuffPool Filter Element

Product Includes:

Floats on the Water Surface,


Fold and Unfold as Needed.

$50.00 USD

4x13 RuffPool Solar Cover

Product Includes:

Durable Design,

Light-Weight Roll-on and off,

Can Freeze Solid.

$200.00 USD

4x13 RuffPool Pool Cover

Product Includes:

Heats Fast and without Exhaust,

Needs a Pump and Filter to Operate,

Includes Free Solar Cover.

$550.00 USD

220v Electric Heater

Product Includes:

Traps Fine Dog Hair,

Protects the Life of your Pump/Filter,

Easy-to-Clean Design.

$75.00 USD

Easy-to-Use RuffVac® Pool Vacuum

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