In recent years, we have been seeing a growing trend for the need of warm water therapy for dogs, after undergoing surgery, as an important part of the canine's healthy recovery. A vital treatment method for dogs that has proven to be tremendously successful and effective is warm water therapy. But when dog lovers try to find facilities that would provide this invalueable treatment they find it expensive and hard to find.

Most community pools do not allow dogs to swim and there are limited places that have aquatherapy for dogs. We offer an easy and affordable in-home solution Learn More >>

Four-Legged Family Members Need Therapy Too

Our easy and affordable in–home dog therapy pools can be modified to fit your dog needs. Having access to the water therapy on a daily basis makes it such a valuable product. To go only couple of times a week isn’t that useful compared to being able to warm water therapy, in the convenience of your own home, on a daily basis. That is what will make your family member's recovery better and faster. Learn More >>

In-Home Therapy for Dogs

Experience Counts

Still an EZ Pool

EZ Pools has been making quality made-to-order pools in the United States for over 18 years, and the RuffPool line of canine-centric pools is at its core - an EZ Pool. Easy to assemble, easy to operate and easy to maintain. Learn More >>

Hear from Customers

Every RuffPool customer has a different story to tell in the beginning. But after they have enjoyed their RuffPool - or that is to say, after their four-legged family member has enjoyed their RuffPool, the story is always the same. Learn More >>

As you read through our history you will quickly discover that we have a tremendous amount of experience with in-home warm water therapy and pools in general. The RuffPool was designed specifically for dog-use and is the easiest way to start providing your loved one with access to deep warm water therapy on a daily basis. Take some time to review our site and email us or call us. We are here to help. Learn More >>